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Enchanted Rock

Last weekend, my friends Sarah, Jenny, Mel, Stephanie, Amelie and I went to Enchanted Rock.

It was awesome! my legs were sore!

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Halloween Party

Photos from the Halloween Party at Jenny and Amelie's appartment complex.
Halloween パーテイーの写真 (ジエーニーとアーメリのアパートで)

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Photos of the cake Dad got for me for my Birthday ^_^

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Last Weekend we had an AWESOME Birthday Party for Amelie at my house - ZOMBIES!!
WE all dressed like Zombies, made a brain cake and brain jello shot, wathched zombie movies and played zombie tag. Sammi did some zombie scar make-up on people that looked amazing!

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Beauty's Party

In August, we all went to Korea House (an AWESOME Korean food and Sushi restaurant) for Beauty's Birthday. We wore mustaches. it was fun.

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Peach Picking 桃がり

In July, Amelie, Beauty, Jenny and I went to Fredricksburg to go Peach Picking. It was hot, but the peaches were delicious and we got to eat German food afterwards!

7月、私の友達ジエニーとアーメリとビアユテイーと私は桃がりに行った。 本当に楽しかったでもメチャ暑い! おいしいドイツの食べ物を食べた。

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Summer Vacation

Tsukasa came to visit last week and we had so much fun!!
Safari, Beach, Horseback riding... XD

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food picture

I made this today:

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Desi's Wedding

My Sister's best friend Desi got married today. It was a really beautiful wedding!
We even got to eat delicious Elgin BBQ and cake! \^_^/

luckily, they had it in the morning, because its POURING rain now!

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Congratualtions Desi!