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Went to the Austin Pride Parade with Mimi!

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Mark's Wedding

Here are the photos from my cousin Mark's wedding.
It was at a beautiful place in Austin. And (in typical Texas weather-fashion) it hailed!

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Last of the Japan Photos... maybe

Well, I'm back in America now! I had an incredible one-year experience and I hope to visit again (as soon as possible!).

Here are some of the last photos I took in Japan.

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IZU!! 伊豆半島

Jenny is here in Japan right now on vacation! So last Friday we went to Inokashira Park (the famous park in my neighborhood). It was really beautiful with the falling sakura petals on the lake.

Last weekend, Jenny, Sarah, and I traveled to Izu Pennisula. (It took us 3 hours to get there but it took me over FOUR to get back U_U)
Izu is BEAUTIFUL!! If you get a chance, go there! I think we went at a pretty good time though. It wasnt crowded because a) It was Sunday and Monday and b) It's not summer yet, so there's no summer crowd.
Of course it was way too cold to swim, but the weather was realy nice! It only started raining on my train ride back to Tokyo.

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桜花見 Cherry Blossom Flower-Viewing

Since I got here around this time last year (ya, I've already been in Japan a year, can you beleive it!?), I was able to the sakura (cherry blossoms) at their peak. I've been lucky enough to see them again this year! They're so beautiful, and they are EVERYWHERE! It's breathtaking.

It may sound a little strange, but we went to a graveyard to view the sakura. The parks are always ridiculously crowded so I didnt want to go there. And this place was recommended in a sakura brochure. It was beautiful, even though it was raining.

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Last weekend, I took an extra day off to go visit Sarah in Kariya (Near Nagoya).
it was SO MUCH FUN!

Sarah's appartment is really cute (even though there are pictures of Gact everywhere lol)

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Studio Ghibli Museum

A few weeks ago, Tsukasa and I went to the Ghibli Museum! In case you dont know, Hayao Miyazaki is a famous Japanese animator. He made the movies: "My Neighbor Totoro", "Spirited Away", "Princess Mononoke" and a bunch of other great movies.

Tickets are kind of hard to get, but the museum is actually in my neighborhood, so it was really easy to get to. Its in Inokashira Park (a famous park). Funnily, Theres a house on my street that says "Miyazaki", It would be hilariuos/ awesome if he actually did live there! (they have a cute cat that sits in the window!) I've heard he DOES live in Musashino, so... you never know ^_^

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Korea - Part III - Aquarium

On Monday, I went to the COEX Mall (one of the biggest malls in Asia). It's mostly underground, and theres an aquarium. It was really early in the morning when I went, so I (and some other guy) was the only one there! It was great!

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Ok! Thats it for Korea!
I'm going to Nagoya this weekend to visit Sarah for her birthday, so I'm sure I'll take some photos while I'm there.
I hope everyone is doing well!

Korea - Part II

Dorasan Station, Namdaemun

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KOREA! - Part I

I went to Korea to visit my friend Emma!
She was such a great hostess, I had so much fun!
Now I really want ondol (a heated floor)!

On to the photos...

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ok, ill post more later. i have to get up early for work tommorow U_U